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Admin 06/09/10

What do you think? Should the Multihull be back? Why?

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I want see Multihulls back at the Olympics! May the Tornado as former class has a better chance for a come back after changed to a High Quality One Design Concept. But it does no matter which class become Olympic. It's a joke of the IOC to remove a kind of sport, which has millions of enthusiasts. How much people are doing pole vault or dressage?
The new Nacra F20C should be the new Olympic class!
I think that mr.J.Rogge have to look to Paul Elvstrom he was also sailing in the finn and win many times over Rogge but even he toke the change to sail the Tornado class, and there are still many Tornado sailors of his aged that is on the water and i think he never sails races after his finn sailing .
Look in the future Rogge only fast young sailors are on the water,and not old sailors any more.

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